Kyte Wind®Force (S/XL)

The Holtkamper Kyte, astonishes campers. Never before have so many new designs, technologies and gadgets, been implemented in a single new Trailer Tent. A large number of these designs are new and protected by a  patent.

Kyte Wind®Force (S/XL)

Sleeps 2, with spacious livingroom. Extendable with Kids Tent options, which sleep 1-3 people.


2-7 sleeps


  • Erecting the tent
  • Pole-free canopy
  • No guy ropes
  • Membrane Airco Tentsystem
  • Trailer construction
  • Pack-N-Go System
  • Erecting the tent in pouring rain
Ultra Light Trailer construction - AL-KO chassis with 14" Brand A tires Inclusive
Membrane Airco Tent System  -  Unique system for ventilation, insulation and to prevent condensation Inclusive
Integral groundsheet in the awningInclusive
Comfortable bedInclusive
Canopy with side panels - Without poles or guy ropeInclusive
Foldable stepInclusive
Tent pegs - For each terrainInclusive
Masterclass kitchen Inclusive
Dometic absorption fridge - 33 ltr, 230V, 12V / gas Inclusive
Kitchen boxes - With lid Inclusive
Trailer skirt - Under kitchen Inclusive
Wind®Force System - To erect and pack away the tentInclusive
Hand over and workshop - At Holtkamper Emmen NL Inclusive
Holtkamper Wagon package (Special price!) 
Trailer Package includes: Spare wheel (steel rim), alum. rims, Drawbar lock, Shock absorbers, Soft-top Extender, High resilience foam mattress, Comfort slatted bed and the Pack-N-Go System€ 1750,-
Tent options 
Front panel under canopy - With zip€ 995,-
Pole free back canopy€ 895,-
Pocket apron S – For small items€ 89,-
"Night" table living area€ 245,-
Fly Screen entrance door - Apply and remove by Velcro strap€ 195,-
Side panel skirts € 195,-
Front panel skirts € 195,-
Campsafe Toploader€ 345,-
Extra Sleeping places 
Kidstent S - (Sleeps 2)€ 695,-
Kidstent L - (Sleeps 2) € 995,-
Kidstent XL - (Sleeps 3) € 1295,-
Kidsroom S -  (Sleeps 1) € 395,-
Memory foam mattress € 275,-
Trailer options 
Bigfeet - 4 pieces (incl. installation)€ 245,-
Electrics in kitchen € 395,-
Masterclass Kitchen 
Water Supply€ 395,-
Compressor fridge 40 ltr 230V - Instead of Absorption fridge € 75,-
Compressor fridge 40 ltr 230V and 12V - Instead ofAbsorption fridge€ 130,-
Kitchen cover S€ 245,-
Bamboo Kitchen - A warm and exclusive look (additional price)€ 630,-
Bicycle options
Bicycle rack on drawbar  - (1x20 kg + 1x30 kg)€ 295,-

Pole-Free Awning
The Kyte’s pole-free awning is exclusive to Holtkamper and you won’t find anything similar on any other trailer tent in the world. The awning ‘floats’ above the groundwith no need for loose upright poles for support, thus giving you the use of all the available space inside. The pole-free awning runs seamlessly into the roof extensions which have been especially designed for the Kyte. There are no loose poles, they simply fold in and out on a hinged frame. These roof extensions have a variety of purposes. Firstly, they shield the windows and side walls from direct sunlight and rain. Secondly, they prevent the side walls from getting dirty rain doesn’t run down the walls. This is beneficial as dirt combined with moisture is the biggest cause of mould forming in tent fabric. However, the roof of the Kyte really excels itself with the Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent System.

Membrane Airco Tentsystem
The Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent System is a worldwide patented system for ventilation, insulation and to prevention condensation. The roof is actually made from two layers of material. In normal or cold weather conditions you leave the two layers zipped together and the system works automatically. The ‘climate chamber’ between the two layers works to prevents condensation in rainy conditions and provides insulation in cold conditions. In hot weather you unzip and separate the layers using a few small poles. This creates several effects. The hot air inside the tent rises through the first roof layer and is blown awat by the wind, whilst at the same time the upper roof layer is creating a shadow over the inner roof, which prevents the sun from further heating the air inside the trailer tent, leaving you with a cool and comfortable living environment.

Sophisticated roof
The Pole-free awning, runs seamlessly into the Roof Extensions, which have been especially designed for the Kyte. These self-bearing roofs, shield the windows and the side wall of the main tent, against rain and direct sunlight. The Roof Extensions also prevent the side walls from getting dirty too quickly. Dirt, combined with moisture, is the biggest cause of mould forming in tent fabric. This problem is limited by the Roof Extensions. No loose poles are needed to fold out the Roof Extensions: the hinged frame simply folds in and out, together with them.
Attention: the Kyte Roof Extensions, using Roof Extenders, are protected by multiple patents.

Sleeping in the Kyte
The Kyte is suitable for any size family; whether there are two or five of you the Kyte can be tailored to suit your needs. Inside there is a large double bed with a slatted base for comfort and to allow air to circulate to prevent condensation. To further prevent condensation the bedroom area also has windows that can be opened and a huge ventilation wall with mosquito netting. There is the option to fit an extension that provides you with another two - three berth sleeping room with the optional space for a wardrobe or toilet. 

Storage is no issue in the Kyte; in fact the entire body of the trailer is storage space for all of your belongings. By lifting the bed base you gain access to the massive 1500 litre luggage space and there is a further 250l of storage space under the soft top when the trailer tent is folded away. The Kyte also features the Holtkamper PackN-Go System. This means that when the trailer tent is folded away the storage space under the bed can still be accessed. 

Control the climate
The Kyte is equipped with a worldwide patented system for ventilation, insulation and condensation prevention: the Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent System. Once you've used this system, you'll never want to do without it. During hot weather (over 30 degrees) you open the roof and the hot air flows out of the tent. At the same time, the sun is prevented from heating the air in the tent: the air under the outer roof, escapes straight away as soon as the sun causes the temperature to rise. In all other (normal) weather conditions, you don't need to do anything! The Membrane Airco Tent System, works automatically. There is a kind of 'climate chamber' between the two roof layers. When it rains, the climate chamber prevents condensation and in cold weather it retains the heat. In hot summer weather, the climate chamber insulates the roof from the indoor area, so that the sunshine heats up the tent less quickly. A fantastic system! And that's not all: you can even completely remove the Kyte's roof by unzipping it from the main tent. Very handy to support minor repairs or, if after many years, you decide to replace the roof.

The Holtkamper Pack-N-Go System even makes it possible to access the luggage space, without erecting the tent. That's especially useful when packing the trailer tent and if you suddenly remember where your sunglasses are, just after you have set off. The bed linen and other 'soft items' take up no extra luggage space, as they are simply placed on the bed.

The Kyte Kitchen
The kitchen supplied with the Kyte is built into the body of the trailer and fixed in place so there is no lifting or difficult manoeuvring into place before use. The kitchen unit itself is beautiful and fantastically equipped; it features a 3 burner, gas hob with a stylish glass plate, a practical (optional) water supply and a fridge. Furthermore the Kyte kitchen features two spacious shelves, fitted with plasticboxes, for storage and two large flaps that lift to reveal a large ‘kitchen hold’ where you can store everything to hand. The awning panel at the side of the kitchen can also be removed if necessary so you always have a comfortable climate for cooking in.



Future oriented technology
A quantum leap in the development of trailer tents. The Holtkamper “Wind®Force” is a revolutionary system, our trailer tents can now be erected and packed away by air pressure. Within a couple of minutes, the groundsheet and the tent are unfolded and located on the right spot. For generations of trailer tent owners, this long desired self erecting system, has now been implemented. This new “Wind®Force System” is certainly a milestone in the development of trailer tents and has been protected by international patents. Planning to move frequently from campsite to campsite? With the “Wind®Force System” this is an (almost) effortless process. Only air pressure and vacuum, day-to-day physics, have been used to perform the job. The Holtkamper Membrane Airco System, which supports insulation and ventilation, (located in the roof of the tent), will be erected and packed away together with the tent. This  new Holtkamper “Wind®Force System” is different from the system used in “Igloo” tents, where air tubes are used in combination with high air pressure. This system, originating from France, has been imported to the Netherlands, some 35 years ago by Holtkamper.

A “one person job”
Maybe you are a one parent family, or a person with physical limitations? With the “Wind®Force System” one person is able to perform the job easily. Families, with young children, can now spend time on the children, rather than erecting the tent. A Holtkamper trailer tent with the “Wind®Force System” can be erected (orpacked away) in only a few minutes! Ideal for a quick weekend camping trip.

The rain remains outside
During the process of erecting or packing away the tent, no water is able to enter the tent and the remote control can be operated from inside the car. Thanks to the advanced engineering this can be achieved without the use of poles or guy ropes. Even pegs are not required for an overnight camping. Tent and groundsheet will be unfolded and located at the right spot, without a wrinkle. Packing away the tent, complete with groundsheet, is also done with the a push of a button.

Technical Specifications
Kerb weight approx550 kg
Extra luggage approx200 kg
Maximum permissible weight 750 kg
Mattress approx210 x 155 cm
Luggage space under the bed approx1500 litres
Surface area with awning approx26m2
ChassisGalvanized Al-Ko chassis with mechanical  brake system 
Trailer approxcL 400cm (incl. A-frame) x W 185cm   x H 120cm
Stainless steel and carbon fibreFramework
Choice Of optional kitchen units