Whichever Holtkamper model you choose, you always have:
A tasteful design. A Holtkamper tent folding system. A storm-proof tent. A comfortable bed. A flexible number of sleeping places. "All Climate" windows. Extra ventilation and no condensation, due to the "Membrane Airco" System. Access to the luggage space, even when the tent is folded away, by the Pack & Go System.

In short: optimal camping convenience and comfort, a Dutch product of technical "A" quality, "After Sales" by the manufacturer and a solid residual value.


Suitable for families or couples. Populair by tent-campers. Large living area (Awning). Large Canopy, with a fixed frame. Comfortable bed. Optional: a fixed luxurious, or mobile kitchen. Fast tent erection and pack away process, optional WindForce System. Sleeps 2 to 6 persons.


2-5 sleeps


  • Erecting the tent
  • Pack-N-Go System
  • Membrane Airco Tentsystem
  • Stainless Steel tent frame
  • All Climate®
  • ALKO Chassis
  • Erecting the tent in pouring rain
  • Trailer construction
Membrane Airco System - Unique system for ventilation, insulation and to prevent condensationInclusive
Pack-N-Go System - Access to luggage area, while tent is packed awayInclusive
Integrated groundsheet in awning Inclusive
Canopy with side panels - Without poles or guy ropesInclusive
Tent frame - Stainless steel and carbon fibreInclusive
Braked AL-KO chassis - Quality for lifeInclusive
Steel rims - 14 inch 175/65R14 82T Inlcusive
Soft top extender - Extra luggage space, on top of the packed away tentInlcusive
High resilience foam mattress - Sleeping like a Queen (or King)Inlcusive
Bed 210 cm x 155 cm - The slatted bed can be lifted by gas strutsInlcusive
Shock absorbersInlcusive
4 Steadies - Heavy DutyInlcusive
Pegs and pins set - Suitable for every terrainInlcusive
Foldable stepInlcusive
Instruction workshop and hand-over at Holtkamper EmmenInlcusive
Master Class Kitchen - Luxury Bamboo kitchen including refrigeration and power supply   € 4.995,-
Water supply - Sink with tap and reservoir€ 495,-
Compressor fridge hybride - 40 ltr (230V/12vf/hybride) - extra€ 150,-
Cutting board - Bamboo€ 45,-
Sleep options
Kidstent S - Extension for 1 child, steep back panel  (80cm x 310cm)€ 795,-
Kidstent M - Extension for 2 children, steep back panel (140cm x 310cm)€ 895,-
Kidstent L - Extension for 2 children, with headroom and ventilation (140cm x 310cm)€ 1.095,-
Kidstent XL - Extension for 3 children, with headroom and ventilation (200cm x 310cm)€ 1.395,-
Kidsroom S - Extension for 1 child, with large mosquito net wall (to be hung up in the tent)€ 495,-
Memory foam mattress - (surcharge)€ 395,-
Bicycle transport

Holtkamper drawbar adapter - "Towing hook" for the drawbar

€ 395,-
Thule bike carrier on towbar - Fixed mounting for 2 bikes (max. 1 x 20 kg & 1 x 30 kg)€ 394,-
Thule bike carrier E-Bike - Fixed mounting (tiltable) for 2 bicycles (max. 2 x 30 kg) € 399,-
Thule bike carrier E-Bike black Edition - Fixed mounting (tiltable) for 2 bikes (max. 2 x 30 kg)€ 439,-
Tent options 
Fly screen at entrance door - Apply and remove by velcro strap€ 245,-
Windshield - Triangular€ 235,-
Trailer skirt - Against draft/ wind, under end of trailer € 295,-
Trailer skirt MTT - Against draft/ wind, under kitchen€ 395,-
Trailer options
Big feet - Attached to the four jack stands, no need for separate boards  € 245,-
Spare wheel incl. support - Quick and easy access€ 395,-
AL-KO drawbar lock - Certified safety lock€ 225,-
Light-alloy wheels anthracite - 15 inch 185/55R15 82H€ 425,-
"hook-up "table (to kitchen or bed side) - Bamboo€ 375,-
Bamboo table - Compact table, fits under the canopy€ 175,-
Bamboo outdoor Kitchen table€ 250,-
Campsafe with key - Holtkamper camping safe for all your valuables (incl. assembly)€ 425,-
Storage cover small​ - Extra protection€ 425,-
Storage cover large - Extra protection€ 495,-
"Pocket apron S" - Rectangular, hanging from the awning, for storing small items€ 125,-
"Pocket apron XL" - Suspension on diagonal pole, double-sided€ 195,-
Drawbar cover - Extra protection€ 45,-
Barebones Beacon outdoor (hanging) lamp - To be charged via USB connection € 59,-
Barebones Forest outdoor (standing) lamp - To be charged via USB connection€ 85,-
Barebones Edison Pendant & String Lights - To be charged via USB connection€ 89,-
Barebones Railroad lamp - Bronze, to be charged via USB connection€ 95,-

Quick and Easy!
The Holtkamper Cocoon is incredibly easy to put up. Due to the integrated frame the main living area of the trailer tent is able to be unfolded and ready to use in minutes, including the zipped in groundsheet, and with NO pegging to do! The front canopy is permanently attached so no difficult zipping and unzipping to do, and only 3 poles and guy ropes. Incredibly easy to set up.

Membrane Airco
A unique selling point of the Holtkamper Cocoon is the Membrane Airco Tent system, which is a worldwide patented system for ventilation, insulation and the prevention of condensation. The roof is made from two layers of material. In normal or cold weather conditions you leave the two layers zipped together and the system works automatically. The ‘climate chamber’ between the two layers works to prevent condensation in rainy conditions and provide insulation in cold conditions. In hot weather you unzip and separate the layers using a few small poles.

Inside the Cocoon is a double bed, with a slatted base to reduce condensation and eliminate the need for daily airing of the mattress. The mattress is made from high density foam, ensuring comfort and longevity, and aluminium frame, fitted with gas struts, makes the bed very lightweight and easy to lift to gain access to the large storage space underneath.

With Holtkamper’s Pack-N-Go system you can also access this 750 litre storage area without unfolding the trailer tent at all. Simply unzip and lift the bed base and canvas (fitted with a gas strut for ease of lifting) allowing you to pack and unpack for your holiday easily. There is also a 250l storage capacity under the soft top of the trailer where you can easily store items such as tables and chairs when in transit.

Kitchen Units
The Cocoon has two kitchen unit options available; one unit which will secure to the A-frame of the trailer, the aluminium Base Kitchen, this can easily be wheeled around into position under the canopy. The second option is for a fixed unit at the rear of the trailer, this would be a Kyte Masterclass kitchen. Both the kitchen units feature a 3 burner, gas hob with a stylish glass plate, a practical (optional) water supply and a fitted fridge.

There are two different chassis options available for the Cocoon, the standard chassis and the MTT chassis. The MTT chassis is used for mounting Kyte Masterclass kitchen. Both options are AL-KO braked chassis, with shock absorbers and 14” wheels to ensure a safe and stable towing experience. There are heavy duty steadies to support the trailer when used and for those who are a little more adventurous, it is possible to order an off-road edition with larger wheels for extra ground clearance, this is particularly suited for use with off road vehicles.





Technical Specifications
Kerb weight approx250 kg
Extra luggage approx500 kg
Maximum permissible weight750 kg
Mattress approx200 x 145 cm 
Luggage space approx1000 litres
Surface area With awning approx. 15m2
ChassisGalvanized Al-Ko chassis with mechanical     brake system
Trailer approxL 320cm (incl. A-frame) x W 185cm x H 100cm 
Choice Of optional kitchen units

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